Rasgulla\Gulabjamun Making Machine
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Rasgulla\Gulabjamun Making Machine

Ball Forming Machine is useful for cutting & rounding various types of Sweets/food products like Rasgulla, Gulabjamun, Rasmalai, Chumchum, rasbhari, Khirkadam, Peda, Langcha,Chocolate, coconut laddu,Sweets ball, bliss ball, kachori, dates ball, riceball, various types of bakery, confectionery & indian sweets item’s etc.

Model No. : AFM-BFM
Length : 159cm
Width : 52cm
Height : 138cm
Net Weight : App. 215Kg
Electricity : 220v 50/60Hz Single Phase 0.45KW
Hooper Capacity : 15 Litre
Belt Speed : 2-12meter/min
Speed of Rounding device : 10-120 round/min
Maximum Capacity : 10000 pieces per hour
Product Weight Range : 1gm to 100gm
Air Pressure : 4kg, 0.8cfm

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