Besan Machine
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Besan Machine

It works on principle of baking while stirring. One Agitator arm continuously turn, twist, shake & bake material in one direction in bowl. Jackets on bowl for maximum utilization of fuel. It will bake the material evenly. It has tilting mechanism to unload material. It can be used as a mixing machine to mix materials, slurry or liquids. Useful to heat liquids, semi-liquids & solid materials.

Useful for baking besan, peanuts, almond, cashew, sauf, til, murmara etc.

Technical Details
Model No. : AFM-BM
Length : 170cm
Width : 107cm
Height : 100cm
Net Weight : 275 kg
Electricity : 220v Ac 50/60hz 1Phase 750watt
Capacity : 80 Liter bowl capacity
Diameter of Bowl : diameter 100cm, depth 33cm, thickness 8mm

Feature & Benefit